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Auckland Bike Map has been set up to help people of all ages and confidence levels explore Auckland on a bike. 

We've developed a basic colour coded map & a list of suggested rides catering for Beginner, Intermediate and Experienced riders.

All routes have been ridden by the team behind Auckland Bike Map. 

To open the map below in fullscreen, click the expanding square icon in the top right, or click here. For mobile users this should open in your Google Maps app so you can use this for wayfinding if your GPS is enabled.

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Route by Class

Each section of path or road on the map is colour coded to help users understand the easy of riding each section.

There are 5 categories. 

  • A: 'Safe, off-road paths' - this includes only safe, separated cycleways and shared paths. Suitable for all ages and abilities.

  • B: 'Cycle lanes and quiet streets' - this includes painted cycle lanes on streets with a maximum of 50km/h as well as quiet local streets with minimal traffic and traffic calming

  • C: 'Roads with moderate traffic levels' - generally these are 50km/h roads with moderate traffic levels and/or space for cycling such as a regular shoulder. Also includes rural roads with higher speeds but very light traffic. Suitable for reasonably confident riders. 

  • D: 'Busy Roads' - roads with medium to high traffic volumes and limited space for cycling. Usually multi-lane roads or roads above 50km/h. Suggested only as short section in urban areas or rural rides. Be prepared to dismount & use footpath.

  • E: 'Busy roads with high traffic speeds' - roads 70km/h and above with steady traffic. Suggested only as optional extras to complete loops or each extra destinations.

Note Categories C to E are based on personal judgement, and are generally based on weekend rides. Conditions may change based on the day of week and time of day. 

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Route by Rating

We've created a range of suggested rides based on the above classes. These are a collection of the best rides around Auckland, great for weekend exploration.

These rides are split into 3 categories. 

  • Beginner - suitable for beginner riders (including kids) or those just wanting a relaxing ride away from traffic. Predominantly off-road Category A routes.

  • Intermediate - suitable for riders with some experience. Short sections on roads with moderate traffic. 

  • Experienced

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